Gary Young – Young Living Essential oils

If that isn’t juicy and irresponsible enough, I don’t know what is. And the word “juicy” in this context is just so low-class, crass, vulgar and tacky to me…it offends my French ears! To use it in the context of people getting hurt and dealing with all the lies, the false claims, the arrests, etc, is possibly a strong indication that the YL cult members who print the same lies as Gary Young are so indoctrinated, so brainwashed, so irresponsible, so numb to the truth, or simply uncaring individuals, not questioning or double checking any sound medical evidence of those “miracle cures” with essential oils that they cannot, nor are able, nor are intelligent enough to do their own search for the truth.

I even read somewhere written in a discussion some kind of argument where it was said that the infant was not completely “healthy” alleging that there was something wrong with him…. say what? I want to vomit.

I want to make it clear that I am not targeting those Young Living people who are practicing the use of aromatherapy in a responsible and safe way. For information, I know may people in this industry, many with their own expertise, and health trends, and philosophies, all good, all making sense, all safe, and essential oils companies that are responsible, and sell great quality essential oils at a much more reasonable price than Young Living, including distillers, producers, educators, schools, scientists, chemists, University researchers that have been published, perfumers, etc… And at the very least those people are ethical, reliable and professional.

The same person also told me that I “was being hostile”… Me, hostile? HELL YES I’M HOSTILE! and as long as this quack is allowed to practice “medicine without a license” and write Dr. on his business cards, as seen during his travels to other countries, the fact that he has ignored all the laws he has been breaking and continues to break, I will remain HOSTILE. In any case, I have no power in making you feel any other way than what you chose to feel. Your feelings are your responsibility.

I have other information regarding Gary Young disrespect for other cultures, blunders and mishaps during his quest for Frankincense.. more current and guaranteed to make your hair stand up ! Stay put. I am sorting out all my information from the Middle East and Africa, and putting them in some kind of order and will report very soon.

Gary Young somolia

Gary Young Arrest


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