YLEO – What happens in Oman stays in Oman

Feels like he’s looking into his own mirror… Isn’t this what Gary Young has been doing all along? Copying Tisserand, Lafabvre, Penoel, etc… alleging that he has studied with some or all of them…which is not true. Marcel Lafabvre himself said that Mr. Young took one class that he never completed. By the end of the first day, he was boasting around like an “expert”. Needless to say he looked ridiculous to all who attended that class/seminar.

Mr. Young continues to add lies to falsehoods, to bogus medical claims, while showing very little respect for the cultures he is exposed to…obviously leaving his ominous footprints wherever he goes, like a bulldog coming home with paws full of mud… In the end, reputation is everything, and Mr, Young despite his financial success is really not taken seriously by anyone involved in true Aromatherapy.

Another lie…and a serious one: https://www.facebook.com/dgaryyoung

Here Gary is shown posing with his Business permit from the Ministry of Agriculture-Dhofar (Oman).

Moreover, Young Living is proud of the singular opportunity we have to be the first commercial frankincense distiller in Oman in hundreds of years” (Gary Young)

The date of his Business Permit is dated May 30, 2013. I KNOW FOR A FACT that there is a distiller in Salalah who has a Business Permit dated JULY 25, 2011. This means that this company has been distilling in Oman for at least two years prior to Gary Young. AND GARY YOUNG KNOWS THIS. He knows but lies about it. I have seen the permit. I believe at this point that Young is suffering from multiple psychosis, one of them being that he thinks that he is “the only one who”, “the first one who”. He forgets too easily that in this industry people travel far to search for their oils… and sometimes bump into each other… it’s a small world after all… and Salalah is a small town.

And once again Gary Young has been caught in a big fat lie as he keeps talking out of his “derriere”. Mr. Young is neither the first, and was never the only company granted permission to distill, and/ or export Frankincense.

If his blunder in Somalia is an indication of how adept he is at making friends, I sincerely doubt that the Omani people respect him at all… and for good reasons.

Most companies buy their Frankincense from Somalia, not Oman… there is too little of it in Oman. But since G.Young insulted Sultan Yusuf in Somalia, I would doubt that he would be welcomed back.

Another thing that G. Young is not telling: In Oman THERE IS NOT ONE ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY THAT IS HARVESTING THEIR OWN FRANKINCENSE. That’s a fact. In Oman frankincense is harvested by “tribes”. If you want frankincense, you need to buy it from the tribes who own the trees. THAT’S A FACT. Tribes in Oman are “families”, well educated, prosperous, wealthy, well dressed, sophisticated and professional individuals. They control large businesses and send their children to study abroad. They are by no means the “tribes” that most people imagine, ignorant, poor, perhaps barbaric, and in need, and running around with a loin cloth… ;o)

They don’t need a guy like G.Young.

I have built two distilleries in Salalah and have walked the mountains from the eastern Dhofar mountains east of Hasik to the border of Yemen, harvesting frankincense resin”. (Gary Young)

One, you cannot go into the mountains and harvest frankincense in Oman… it is not allowed. Secondly, you cannot harvest frankincense in Oman. It’s strictly a tribal business.

Then there is his story about receiving a “gift” of 200,000 to 400,00 acres of land from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, for their exclusive use of frankincense. This has been posted on the Internet… However there is nothing about this that Gary Young has written about. He does not write it… he tells his cult members during his conferences, then THEY write it, they annote it, but he doesnt do this anymore, lest he may be accused of lying! He has been caught lying too many times and his legal team have put a gag on him. He will not speak without his legal team as a shield. He would not show up for the interview with Utah Stories… This story about the gift of land is simply not true. Mr. Young has always wanted to appear more important than anyone, and who is going to check into his stories?..not his followers. Ask yourselves, why would the Sultan award this guy whom nobody knows., with a gift of land?…for what reason? There has never been such a gift.

Young claimed that he would be protecting the trees and help the tribes. Seems a bit like a colonialist attitude to have, don’t you think? The trade never needed his help, thank you. It continues to succeed and prosper without G. Young.

Following the fiasco in Somalia, I would advice Mr. G.Young not to repeat that experience in Oman, which is quite a different place. Publishing lies about meetings with important Omanis is a big mistake.

Another now famous quote from G. Young:

Gary Young Arrest

Gary Young somolia

With respect and admiration for those who seek the truth… “

Why must the talk about this sacred oil be marred with the negative side of the essential oil industry that is about money and power? Only those who are part of that description can answer that question.”
(Gary Young)


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